Food For Fuel (F3)

Food For Fuel(F3) is a nutrition- educational organization (501c3) that mobilizes athletes at the professional and collegiate levels, certified personal trainers and nutritionists to act as role models and teach the importance of long term exercise and eating healthy to children, teenagers and adults. Our Contact email is .

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Greg Raleigh, certified personal trainer/nutritionist created the organization Food For Fuel in order to unite various levels of urban communities to offer affordable access to exercise facilities, health clinics, nutrition counseling and fitness experts. Greg has also brought together federal and local public officials for funding of successful nutrition and fitness programs in several major US cities including Philadelphia, Oakland, Los Angeles, Greensboro and Washington DC. F3 has created and manages a multitude of events and activities for the improvement of skills, health and enables us to provide mentoring leadership for kids and teenagers in underserved communities. Our other programs include: International Fitness Diplomats and True U Boot Camp

A mission focus of the Food For Fuel Program is to lower the overall healthcare cost nationally by reinvigorating physical fitness and nutrition. This program is currently operating in recreation centers, schools and home visitations!! 

The goal is to change the current cultural understanding of food choices in a way that each participant chooses the proper foods which will reverse the development of diabetes, high blood pressure and other illness brought on by unhealthy food choices. 

Food For Fuel advisors have benefitted from the program thus offering to develop strategies to expand the program nationally. The advisors range from former government officials, corporate executives.

Advisory Board

  • Thomas S. Foley/Fmr. Speaker US House of Representatives
  • Tom Ridge/Fmr. Secretary of Department of Homeland Security
  • Don Phillips/Fmr. V President/ Price Waterhouse Cooper
  • Ken Sparks/Fmr. President/ Federal City Council
  • Paul F. Naughton/ P.F.Naughton LLC

Corporate Sponsors

  • DCTV
  • Eat Right.org
  • Ron and Joy Paul Kidney Center
  • Safeway Foods
  • The Beverage Association
  • The Center for Non-profit
  • The Coe Family
  • The Floyd E. Davis Foundation
  • The Matthew Mezzanotte Foundation
  • The University Club Foundation
  • US Department of Health and Human Services "Healthy Children Futures"
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Venable LLP Foundation


  • Thomas G. Corcoran Jr.
  • Andrew Gilpin
  • Mark Griffin
  • Patrick Kasten
  • Paul f. Naughton
  • Harvey Scherzer
  • Robert Fogarty
  • Jay Anderson
  • Lee Pickard
  • Ed McNair
  • Glen O'Gilvie
  • Heather Foley
  • Charles & Alice Mack
  • Jack & Sally Molenback
  • Mark & Kristen Coe
  • Bruce Zotter
  • Betty Jean Carter