Published Articles

D.C. students need PE classes

The Sept. 6 Metro article “Most D.C. schools ignore PE standards” demonstrated how public officials’ good intentions are useless without follow-up measures in place. It is amazing that school districts in Maryland and Virginia can offer physical education classes with less funding per student than most D.C. schools. How do D.C. officials expect students to excel if they are physically unfit…

Today’s sedentary teens are tomorrow’s health crises

The June 27 Politics & the Nation article “Let’s (not) move: Sedentary lifestyles taking over among youths” confirmed what fitness experts such as myself have been saying for years: New social structures have a negative impact in our society.

The wrong policies in Baltimore

The Dec. 9 front-page article “ ‘Ain’t nothing changed out here’ ” reminded us that even when recovery from a riot is almost complete, there is much work to do.